Wedding Favors - Etched Wine Glasses

As for wedding favors I collected miss-match clear wine glasses and champagne flutes from thrift stores and etched them with our initials. (I bought each glass for under $0.50.) Guests used their glasses for mimosas and then took them home as their gift from us. I was really nervous I would make a whole bunch and then no one would take them home and I'd have a whole bunch of miss matched wine glasses. Surprisingly there was not a one left in the reception hall when we went to clean up.

I bought the etching material from this website: Basically you take a design and then they make the stencil for you. We bought the glass starter kit plus 16 oz of etching cream for $62 (which was way more than we needed, I could have bought the 8oz cream and been fine). The glass starter kit comes with stencil that they print for you using your design. We could fit four of our designs in a 4" x 5" area, so we got four little stencils. It took me three evenings to do about 60 glasses. Make sure to use the wine glass etching instructions as they are a little different.

Total Cost $125


Anonymous said...

I found your site while googling wine ideas - I wanted to have my wine glasses engraved, but as you know it was WAY TOO expensive, thank you SO MUCH for this great idea of DO IT YOURSELF! :) Your glasses look great! I emailed the glass etching site and hopefully off to making ours for our upcoming wedding!

DeadmansLog said...

Oh my! This is fabulous information.

I am having a Halloween wedding; it's supposed to be formal but fun -- I really want to do wine glasses or champagne flutes with little etched ghost/jack-o-lantern faces. I think it would be perfect.

Thank you so much.

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