We had such a beautiful location for the wedding that it didn’t need decoration. My one recommendation to others is to start with a beautiful place. It will be so much less work in the long run.

Linen Rentals: For the reception we were in a very beautiful church, but the community room was very plain. We weren't really sure if we were going to be able to use it because it was set to be completed at the beginning of June and they were behind. They actually opened the room one week before our wedding, so that's when I really started to consider how to decorate the hall. The quickest fix was to rent white table cloths from a local rental company for $15 each for an 8 person round table. We also paid $16 each for several long table cloths for the gift table, family pictures and guest book table. Total rented linens $124.12
Cloth Napkins: I insisted that we have no disposables used at our wedding. So when it came to napkins I looked into renting cloth ones. I discovered cloth napkins were about $0.40 a piece. So instead of renting, I bought many, many vintage cloth napkins in lots off eBay for less than $0.40 a piece. In the end I came up with enough for one per guest. There was one at every place setting. It added a lot to the room and people sat at places because they wanted a certain napkin. I am pretty sure people took them home too. I was missing about 20 at the end of the day. Which is fine, I plan on making them into a quilt at some point, but even missing 20 I have more than enough.
Misc: I mentioned the floral center pieces I made using my mom’s antiques and flowers from her garden. I also made flower arrangements for the guest book table, bathrooms and the family wedding portraits table.

Total cost for decorations $164.12

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