It is actually possible to have an affordable, fun, green wedding. We consider ourselves lucky to have the wedding that we had, but I notice that a lot of people are having trouble comprehending how to have a wedding on a budget of $5000, so I made sure to keep track of how we spent our money. Sure, there were some things missing from our wedding - some were personal preference (no meat at the brunch) and some were because of financial reasons. But, because we made sure to prioritize, those things that some people might say are "missing," were not really missed by us at all.

My parents gave us a gift of $5,000 and that's about what we spent. Which includes everything except for a lot of time and labor we and our lovely friends and family put in. If I did not list it, we probably did not have it. Good luck!
Here's the cut and dry version of our budget:

$ 420 - Attire
$ 170 - Ceremony location and cost of officiant
$ 225 - Reception site rental and linens
$ 585 - Food and Drink for 100 people (we had a pancake and Mimosa brunch)
$ 210 - Stationary (Paper, ink, envelopes and stamps)
$ 25 - Flowers and Decorations
$ 5 - Music (We had a friend play his Cello for the wedding)
$2300 - Photographer
$ 300 - Wedding rings
$ 150 - Gifts for our attendants and other helpful individuals
$ 125 - Wedding Favors - Etched wine glasses
$4515 Total cost of wedding


Jeremy said...

My fiancee just sent me the link, as we're having some similar debates. Thanks for an informative and inspiring site!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for taking the time to put this information out there!


Kassia said...


What a great site!

I'm contacting you to see if you'd be interested in being interviewed to be featured in a Green Wedding Guidebook being published by Sierra Club next year. We're looking for people who've had green weddings, who can share a bit of their stories.

The author, Corina Beczner, is the founder of, and we do green events here in the San Francisco Bay area.

Please let me know if you'd be available this week for me to call you and do a short interview. You are also welcome to call me at 510.882.4703 at your convenience.

Many blessings!

sem said...

Oh wow! That’s a very impressive budgeting. I wish I can do that too.

Furniture movers said...

$5,000 budget for a wedding? That’s pretty fascinating. I sure would love to hire you to plan my wedding, hopefully soon.

Anonymous said...

Already married and came across your blog. Your wedding is absolutely beautiful! I can see how you prioritize based on your spending. A photographer that has ability to see the beauty that you found makes all the difference.

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