Reception Food - Although the almighty budget was always in the back of our minds, we decided that we still wanted to have some great, local/organic food for our wedding. This led us to do something crazy, that I would not recommend to the weak at heart. We did all the food prep ourselves. We decided to go sans meat. For grand children of Iowa Pork producers this was a hard choice. However, we felt in the interest of an Eco-friendly wedding meat was not a good option. Instead we taste tested lots of pancake recipes and found a butter milk pancake recipe from The New Best Recipe by Cooks Illustrated that was perfect. In addition to pancakes we had scrambled eggs (from the farmers market) and tons of fresh fruit (from a local berry patch). I was going to make the syrup, but at the end of the day I couldn' t find a recipe that stored well so I could make it in advance. We wound up buying syrup from our local grocer, whom I always like to support anyway.

Food Serving Equipment - All provided by the church. Churches have a lot of great resources. I was so happy to have all the help I got from their women's group.

Plates and Silverware - We used the churches plates and silverware. Although the head table did use our wedding china. I inherited place settings for eight from my grandma and that was perfect for the head table. We also used some of the serving pieces from it for fruit on the buffet.

Serving Staff - To take care of all of the food and drinks, as well as help clean and pack at the end of the night, we enlisted the church's women's group and a group of kids who were looking to raise money for a service trip. The kids made the pancakes. I did mix the dry ingredients for them and all the fruit was prepared the day before by my loving friends and family. The church women served mimosas, coffee, tea as well as helped with set up and tear down. All for the low price of $1 per guest. We tried to donate money to the kids service trip but their leader insisted on covering that himself. We later vistited their car wash and paid $150 for a wash and wax ;) .

Wedding Cake - It seemed like a sugar over kill to have pancakes and then cake. So we had a panCAKE cutting instead. The church women made up a pretty plate of pancakes that was put on my mother's cake stand. We used my grandmother's cake knife, which all the grandkids on that side have used. The cake cutting was right before we started eating.

We only ended up paying $5 /person. Total Cost = $512


Anonymous said...

okay, i am so curious about how the reception went!
i am getting married early next summer (2008) and i very much wanted to do a crepe & mimosa reception... but i am not getting very good feedback when i mention the idea to people!
how did your guests feel about pancakes & mimosas instead of a huge plated or buffet dinner? i am so curious!
what time of day was your wedding ceremony, and then what time was your reception?
i would so love to hear all about it, as your blog has re-inspired me to go along with what i originally wanted for my own..

Foy and Jeff said...

We are a pretty laid back family so the pancakes and mimosas went over well. For those who really wanted a party we had a huge rehersal dinner where we invited everyone. We grilled at the state park and there was beer and marshmellow roasting.

As for time of day the wedding was at 9AM, the reception at 10:30AM and it was over by 2:00PM. Our friends did throw us a party that night, but I was so tired, I think we only stayed until midnight.

Consider what you want, then what your guests wants, then what you can afford then - the hard part - try and blend it all together.

Good luck!

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