Alcohol: We had a brunch reception, so a lot of alcohol wasn't really necessary. Guests could have their choice of champagne or mimosas. We bought the champagne on sale after New Year's for about $5 a bottle. After consulting the local liquor store we tried a couple champagnes. A dry brut champagne works best. We decided the best mix was about 1/3 champagne to 2/3 orange juice. However, I think the church women served it back wards as we had a lot of champagne left over. In fact I think there is still some in my mom's basement. The person who sold it to us said it would be good for up to a year, I guess we'd better drink it. $125

Juice: I bought organic orange juice. It's a lot more than regular orange juice, but it's so much better. Plus at a Green wedding, I wouldn't have anything else. $73.80

Coffee and Tea: The church women set up a coffee station and went from table to table serving. I also brought a collection of teas for people. The church women charged $25 for the set up and service.

Total Alcohol & Drink Costs = $231

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