We talked about having a sunrise wedding. Doesn't that sound auspicious and romantic? Then we thought the details out. All the guests would have to arrive in the dark and you'd have to get dress and ready at four in the morning. So instead, we had a morning wedding ceremony starting at 9:00 AM. The reception followed at about 10:30 AM and lasted to about 1:30 PM. The real party for the wedding was the rehearsal dinner. We invited all the wedding guests to a BBQ at the ceremony location the night before.

Ceremony Area - The ceremony was held with the shelter as a back drop. It worked out perfectly because the front had a peek that served as a beautiful frame for the alter.

Ceremony Music - Again we’re thinking eco friendly, so canned music with speakers were out. We have a friend who plays the cello and that just seemed perfect. He agreed and we asked that he pick the procession and recession. He actually composed the music and gave it to us a wedding present. The walk in was “Look, Isn’t She Pretty” and the walk out was “Okay, We’re Done, You Can Go Now”. I left the titles out of the program, but they make me smile. Our celloist friend was ser gratis.

Ceremony Officiant - The groom’s family is Catholic and mine is well, a little bit of this and that. I have never been baptized and having no intention of joining the Catholic church, we were extremely lucky. Father Terry is one of the most open hearted and open minded priests I have met. He agreed to marry us “in the Bride’s place of worship” which I decided was outside. It was really important to the groom that Father Terry do the ceremony. He did a wonderful job. He basically read the ceremony we came up with. We gave $100 to the church as his payment.

Total Cost = $100

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