CEREMONY: We both wanted an outdoor wedding. We considered a lot of places, but accessibility was important. We've got lots of cute little old ladies in our families. After a little investigating we decided on a local state park that had a beautiful shelter built by the PWA in the 1940's of local quarried rock. The price was right being just $25 per day. We rented the shelter for the night before as well and barbequed there for the rehearsal dinner.
The only draw backs were the not so nice bathrooms. We own a couple of wooden TV tray like folding tables. I put one in each bathroom with a basket of assorted hand sanitizer, lotion, tissues, mints, Tylenol and safety pins. After the ceremony the baskets were brought to the receptions' bathrooms.
I should also mention we didn't really have a rain plan. It was going to happen outside rain or shine with out a tent. We're really lucky it didn't rain.
We rented chairs for the audience. It was $110 for 100 chairs to be delivered and picked up. However, we had to put out the chairs and return them to their racks. Luckily we had some obliging friends and family who took care of this.
RECEPTION: We needed a location that would allow us to bring in our own food. We wanted to use local or organic food as much as possible and many catering services charge outrageous prices to alter the menus enough to accommodate a green wedding. Since we weren't having the wedding at a church, why not the reception? My groom's church had just built a new community room. In fact for a while we worried it wouldn't be done in time for the wedding, but they did manage to get it put together just seven days before the wedding. The cost of rental was $75 for four hours and $25 for use the kitchen.
Total in site rentals = $235


Kerry said...

Thanks for putting this up! I am in the process of trying to pull off the same thing-- a low impact green wedding for $5000.

I started my own blog too, and then just found yours. I love the napkin idea!!

Haddock said...

Love the setting.

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