It was important to me that only natural fibers were used in the wedding party's clothing. This turned into a huge hassle. Eventually I revoked that rule. Between the mothers having difficulty and my bridesmaids complaining I told them to pick something they wanted to wear and just not tell me what it was made from.

WEDDING DRESS: I knew I wanted a really simple, not very formal dress since the wedding was going to be outside in the morning. It also had to have straps. I work outside and no matter how much sunscreen I put on I was going to have a tank top tan line. I spent a lot of time searching eBay. I bought 5 different dresses and really loved two of them. The one I wore for the wedding is from J. Crew, the ‘Sophia Long’. It's 100% silk. It fit perfectly and didn't need a stitch of alteration. I resold the dresses I didn't want on eBay and I actually turned a profit. The cost for my dress was $88 including shipping.

GROOM‘S SUIT: An other eBay find. After much looking and debate we bought this linen suit. He looked very hansom. It did require some alterations. A friend recommended a woman who does alterations out of her home. She took in the suit jacket and hemmed the pants for $18. The cream French cuff shirt was also off eBay, as were his sandals. We got his tie at the same shop we got the groomsmen's shirts. His cufflinks were my wedding gift to him. I got them from a local antique mall. His outfit cost came in at a total of $288.95.

ACCESSORIES: I wanted my accessories to have meaning and a story. A friend whose amazing with making jewelry took several necklaces and bracelets that were my grandmother’s, great aunt’s, mother-in law’s and some of her own beads and remade them into a necklace for me to wear. She also created drops for pearl earring my groom had given me. My something barrowed was my aunt's pearl bracelet. My something old was this seed pearl purse I found at an antique mall.

I had a terrible time finding shoes. I looked in every shop I could find. Then I got my biggest stroke of luck. One day after work I stopped by a thrift store to drop off some things and there on the counter was a new pair of Ann Taylor satin ivory heals in my size. I bought them on the spot for $3.30.

MAKE UP AND HAIR: I did my own make-up. The only thing I bought new was lipstick. For my hair I had a stylist help me figure out how to do my hair and then I did it myself. Pictures started at 8 am so the salons weren't open. I made my own veil using this website. It was really easy and cheap. I could make it the exact color and length I wanted. I was very pleased with the way it turned out.

BRIDESMAIDS: There were three attendants. I told the girls to pick a dress or skirt/blouse set that kept with the Green wedding idea in browns, blues or greens. They looked beautiful and it would have been too fussy for our wedding to have them all dressed the same.

GROOMSMEN: The three guys wore their own khaki slacks and brown belts and shoes. We bought sage green button up shirts at a local shop on sale for $12 each. They looked really sharp together.

Total Attire Cost: $417.70

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Cindy said...

Wow, that was great. You just really had a low impact wedding. Amazing!

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